Sources of Energy during Corona Times

At the moment it is very important that we regularly find small moments to fill up our energy tank.

Everyday life during the Coronavirus requires a lot from parents: The whole family is permanently at home, there is not much free space or variety. To make matters worse, there are the extra challenges of a having Home Office and doing Home schooling etc. Parents are under a lot of pressure.  In order to continuing caring for our Children, we also have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

Take short breaks for yourself – We have some ideas about how you can take advantage of a small break:

- Breathe deeply: While breathing in, pull your shoulders up, letting them fall as you breath out. Repeat 3x.

- Place your hand on your tummy and breathe deeply in to your tummy, so that you can feel your hand move. Hold your breath for a small moment and then breathe out and relax.

Both of these exercises help to release pent-up emotions.

- Positive Affirmations: Tell yourself “I can do this” “I am allowed to take a break” etc.

- Give yourself a hug: This releases the bonding hormone Oxytocin and helps to relax the nervous system.

- Me Time 1x Day: At least once a day, do something for yourself that is good for you. What? Here are a few ideas:

Soak up some sunshine (if necessary, sit next to a window), read a Magazine or listen to a Podcast, have a nice relaxing bath, have a cup of tea or coffee, listen to your favourite music….

When your energy is running out, prioritise!

- What is really important right now?

- What can I leave out/avoid having to do now?

Energy Kick with kinesiology:

Some simple exercises from kinesiology – Put together by Julia Metzler

Refill Energy Levels:

- Drink enough water (0,2 L per 10kg bodyweight, per day)

- To relax: Rub one hand over the Sternum or Breastbone. The other hand rubs the tummy – while breathing deeply and relaxed.

- Concentration: Right elbow to right knee – now swap to left elbow and left knee.

- Reduce stress: Cross your arms and legs and hold this position for approx. 1 minute. After, hold your fingertips to each other.

- Energy Kick: Tap on the Thymus Gland (middle of the breast bone) for 30 seconds – This enlivens energy, improves the mood and does you good.

And last of all:

The current situation requires a lot from us all. It is completely normal and ok, when everything is not always as we would like it to be. We often see the things that are difficult for us. However we can also turn this around and ask ourselves: What kind of opportunities is this situation creating? What worked well today? What was successful?